Shmuel Niger-Bukh/ S. Niger Memorial Book.

New York: Yidisher Visnshaftlekher Institut - YIVO, 1958. Hardbound. Octavo, red cloth with gold lettering, 338 pp., frontispiece photo. Very Good. Item #44279

Text is in Yiddish. Articles are "S. Niger - Aspiration and Achievement," Dov Sadan, "The Critic and the Writer," H. Leivisk, "Autobiographical Sketches of S. Niger," Morris Starkman, "S. Niger Bibliography (Obituary Notes and Articles," E. Jeshurin, "Letter of S. Niger," "Idea Relations between M. Kulbak's Montag and I.J. Poysner's "Malkhus Hamoshiakh," Aaron Zeitlin, "Mikhl Gordon (1823-1890)," I. Charlash, "The Beginnings of Yiddish Literature in Romania," Shlomo Bickel, "Anglo-Jewish Literature in America," Charles Angoff, "Yiddish Phonology as a Clue to Medieval Hebrew: The Aspirate and the Velar and Palatal Spirants," Max Weinreich, "Yiddish-Hebrew and Hebrew-Yiddish Coinages," Yudel Mark, "Yiddish in the Garb of Hebrew," Shlomo Noble, "One Hundred Years in the History of the Jewish Community of Würzburg (1250-1350)," M.A. Shulvaas, "Jewish Religious Observances during the French Revolution," Z. Szajkowski, "The Yiddish Language on the Agenda of the Peace Conference at Paris in 1919," Joseph Tenebaum "UUkrainian-Jewish Relations during the Nazi Occupation," Philip friedman, "Sources and Character of Modern Jewish Nationalism," Chaim Wolf Reines, "Problems of the Jewish Ethnic Character," Leibush Lehrer. OCLC Number: 19302713.

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