Evreiskoe naselenie Iuga Ukrainy: Ezhegodnik issledovahiya, vopominaniya, dokumenti.

Kharkov-Zaporozhe: Evreiskii Mir, 1998. Softbound. Small octavo, paper covers, 320 pp. Very Good. Item #43659

Text is in Russian. Articles are "S.Dubnov Theory of Autonomism and its Importance to Contempoary Period in Jewish National and Cultural Revival in Ukraine," N. Horovskaya, "Some Theoretical Questions in Modern Histotiography of Holocaust," S. Ekelchik, "National-Reconstructional Tendencies of Contemporary Ukrainian Jewry," P. Rabinovich, "Jews - the Most Ancient Ethos of Ukraine," L.V. Podolyak, "Jewish National Idea: Transformation in the Process of Historical Development," L. Krivega, "The Old Gromada and Jewish Intelligentsia in the 80th of the 19th Century," O. Kozyrev, "Zionist Movement in Ukraine in the 20th of the 20th Century: Social Basis, Political Groups, Practical Work," V. Gusev, "Jewish Community and Proclamation of Ukraine Independence in 1918," G. Krivoshey, "The Last Days of Kahal: Social Conflict in Jewish Community of Russia during the Governing of Nickolay II," John D. Clier, "Jewish Settlements in Alexandrovsky Uyezd of Yekaterinoslavskaya Gubernia in 19th Century," A. Karagodin, "Natinal Regions in the Crimea in the 20-30th of the 19th Century," V. Orlyansky, "Anti-Jewish Proclamations of Narodnic Movement in Ukraine at the Beginning of the 80th in the 19th Century," A. Kozyrev, "National Question in Theoretical and Practical Activity of Jewish Political Parties in Ukraine during the Period of Central Rada," A. Starukh, "Jewish Migration to the Territory of Zaporozje in the 20th of the 20th Century," I. Artyukh, "Formation of Ethnical Identity of Karaims in Eastern Europe," I. Belaya and O. Bly, "Jewish Millet in Osman Impire," [Jewish Milieu in the Ottoman Empire?] O. Gaiday and I. Chernykh, "Jewish Population in Ukraine (1897-1989)," R. Goldstein, "Social-Democratical Data About Jews at Alexandrovsky Community Administration in 1900," V. Mosyakov, "Jews of Diaspora, Romans, Pagans and others in Sardice, Aprodiace, and the Crimewa during the Greek-Roman Period," . McLennon, "Jewish Folk Music in Poly-Ethical Midst in the Black Sea Region," A. Makarenko, "Man Figure in Jewish Tradition: Cultural Aspect," S. Temchyurina, "Jewish Documents in the Ukrainian Central State Archives," V. Khiterer, "From the History of Jewish Community of Zaporojze Region," S. Orlynasky, "Political Struggle in South Ukraine in 1917 and Jewish Communities," V. Gvosdik, "Jewish Colony in South Steppes (Collective Memoirs), "Jews of Zaporozje: Period of Occupation 1941-1943," I. Schupak, "Judaica Problems," S. Orlyansky, "Analysis of Jewish Life in Ukraine at the Beginning of the 20th Century," I. Schupak, "English Hisorians about Anti-Jewish Pogroms," S. Ekelchik., Documents of Zaporozje Regional State Archives.

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