Exegesis and Grammar in Medieval Karaite Texts.

Oxford: Oxford University Press on behalf of the University of Manchester, 2001. Hardbound. Octavo, blue cloth with gold lettering, vi, 239 pp., index of Biblical verses. Very Good. Item #41810
ISBN: 0198510659

Journal of Semtic Studies Supplement 13. Articles are "Historical-literary, Rhetorical and Redactional Methods of Interpretation in Yefet ben El;i's Introduction to the Minor Prophets," Meira Pollack and Eliezer Schlossberg, "The Beginnings of the Transition from Derash to Peshat as Exemplefied in Yefet ben Eli's Comments on Psa. 44:24," Miriam Goldstein, "Yefet ben Eli on the Identity of the 'Redeemer' in his Commentary on the Book of Ruth," Fiona Blumfield, "An Anonymous Karaite Commentary on the Book of Hosea," Friedrich Niessen, "Biblical Exegesis and Grammatical Theory in the Karaite Tradition," Geoffrey Khan, "The Transmission in Medieval Manuscripts of the al-Kitab al-Kafi by Abu al-Faraj Harun ibn al-Faraj," Maria Angeles Gallego, "The Explanation of Difficult Words by Abu al-Faraj ibn al-Fraj," Judith Olszowy-Schlanger, "Karaite Epistolary Hebrew: The Letters of Toviyyah ben Moseh," Benjamin Outhwaite.

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