Hebrew Union College Annual Volume XXXVII.

Cincinnati: Hebrew Union College, 1966. Hardbound. Octavo, brown cloth with gold lettering, frontispiece photo, 222 pp. in English, 92 pp. in Hebrew, b/w photos, index to the Hebrew Union College Annuals Volumes I through XXXVII. Very Good. Item #39046

Articles in English are "Further Light From the Book of Isaiah upon the Catastrophe of 485 B.C.," Julian Morgenstern, "The Origin of the 'Day of the Lord' Reconsidered," Meir Weiss, "The Meaning of the Book of Job," Matitiahu Tsevat, "Educational Institutions and Problems during the Talmudic Age," Moseh Aberbach, "Some Medieval Problems in 'Mamzeruth,'" Stephen M. Passamaneck, "Abravanel on Prophecy in the 'Moreh Nebukhim' (Chapter V)," Alvin J. Reines, "Reform Benedictions for Rabbinic Ordinances," Jakob J. Petuchoski, "Melito of Sardes, The First Poet of Deicide," Eric Werner, "Isaac D'Israeli and Judaism," James Ogden. Articles in the Hebrew section are "'Me-Rosh Me-Kadme Erets Nesukah' - Zulat al Petirat Moshe Le-R. Yehosaf Ha-Azovi," Leon J. Weinberger, "Iyunim Be-Terminologiyah Ha-Kabalit shel R. Yosef Gikatila u-veyasu leha-Rambam," Moses Cyrus Weiler, "Akevat Perushe Ha-Ge'onim ba-Hibur Mishanh Torah leha-Rambam, "Tosafot Yeshanim ve-Hidushe ha-Rabad al Perek Rishon u-Perek Sheni shel Maseket Kidushin," Ben Zion Wacholder.

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