Filologishe Shriften: Tsveyter Band/ Studies in Philology: Second Volume.

Vilan: Vilner Farlag fun B. Kletskin, 1928. Hardbound. Quarto, green cloth with gold lettering, 518, xxviii pp., b/w plates, addenda and corrigenda, English language summaries of the articles at the rear. Yellowed paper. Very Good. Item #36326

Text is in Yiddish. Articles are "Velevele of Zbarazh and His Letters," Bernhard Wachstein, "Israel Axenfled, New Data on His Life and Work," Sh. Ginsburg, "New and Old Words in the Yiddish bible Translation by Yehoash," Khaim Spivak, "The Struggle for Yiddish in the Old Yiddish literature," Israel Zinberg, "Assimilation of Consonants in the Yiddish Sentence," Theodore Gutmann, "The Shire-gris," J. Willer, "The Three Yiddish Books of Michael Adam," N. Shtif, "A Lamentation of the 'Meshorers' of Frankfurt," A Freimann, "Proper Names and Their Importance in Yiddish," Tsvi Shpirn, "On the use of Cases in Yiddish," E. Kaganoff, "The Slav Element and Slav Influence in Yiddish," Alfred Landau, "The First History of Yiddish Theatre," Jacob Shatzky, "Notes on Yiddish in the Burgenland," R. Stalek, "Beliefs and Customs in Connection with Death," Kh. Khayes, "The Date of Birth of Ayzik Mayer Dik," P. Kon, "A Dutch-Yiddish Bride SOng of the End of the 18th Century," I.M. Hillesom, "Yiddish Elements in the Early German Jargon," Rudolf Glanz, "Notes on the Polish-Yiddish Vocabulary," Moshe Lerer, "Rare Yiddish Books in the Library of the University of Harvard," A.A. Roback, "The Song of Mobilization," W. Anderson, "On the Terminology Used in Various Trades," S. Winter, "Notes on the Ahaseurus Drama," M. Weinreich, "Contributions tro Word Formation in Yiddish," Z. Raisin, "Peretz and Frishman in Their Personal Relations," N. Mayzel.

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