Talmud Yerushalmi. Maseket Orlah / The Jerusalem Talmud: Order of Zeraim, Tractate Orlah with previously published commentaries, textual emendations and two new commentaries Toledot Itzchak and Tevunah by Rabbi Itzchak Isaac Krasilschikov, Rabbi of Poltava (Author of Tevuna 2 Vols. on Maimonides code) Written in Moscow in 5714 - (1954) in immortal testimony to the divine eternity of Torah, b y the last great Torah scolar of Russian Jewry.

Jerusalem: Mekhon Mutsal she-al yad Irgun 'Al Tidom', 1994/5. Hardbound. Large quartto, red cloth with gold lettering, xiv, 84, xii, 40, xvi, 46, 112, 76, 20, 16 pp. Very Good. Item #30135

In Hebrew.

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