Zionism and Religion. Shmuel Almog, Jehuda, Reinharz, Anita Shapira.

Zionism and Religion.

Hanover, New Hampshire: Brandeis University Press in association with the Zlaman Shazar Center for Jewish History, published by University Press of New England, 1998. First Edition. Hardbound. Octavo in dust jacket, xiv, 352 pp., index. Very Good. Item #26130
ISBN: 0874518822

Articles are "Zionism and the Jewish Religious Tradition: The Dialectics of Redemption and Secularization," Shlomo Avineri, "Responses to Modernity: Haskalah, Orthodoxy, and Nationalism in Eastern Europe," Israel Bartal, "Zionism and Anti-Zionism in Traditional Judiasm in Eastern Europe," Yosel Salmon, "The Limits of Toleration: The Challenge of Cooperation between the Observant and the Nonobservant during the Hibbat Zion Period, 1822-1895," Ehud Luz, "Symbolic Politics, Religion, and the Emergence of Ahad Haam," Steven J. Zipperstein, "Munkacs and Jerusalem: Ultra-Orthodox Opposition to Zionism and Agudaism," Aviezer Ravitsky, "Liberal Judaism and Zionism in Germany," Michael A. Meyer, "German Jewish Orthodoxy's Attitude toward Zionism," Yaakov Zur, "Zionism and Orthodoxy: A Marriage of Convenience," Jehuda Reinharz, "Zionism and Its Religious Critics in Fin-de-Siecle Vienna," Robert S. Wistrich, "Religious Motives and Motifs in Anglo-Jewish Opposition to Political Zionism, 1895-1920," Stuart A. Cohen, "The Meaning of Zionism and Its Influence among the American Jewish Religous Movements," Evyatar Freisel, "Converts to Zionism in the American Reform Movement," Jonathan D. Sarna, "Conservative Judiasm and Zionism: Scholars, Preachers, and Philanthropists," Llody D. Gartner, "American Orthodox Organizations in Support of Zionism, 1880-1930," The Role of Religious Values in the Second Aliyah," Shmuel Almog, "The Religious Motifs of the Labor Movement," Anita Shapira, "Religion, Society, and State during the Period of the National Home," Israel Kolatt, "Confrontong the Religious Question within the Zionist Youth Movement," Chaim Schatzker, "The Religious Factor in the Encounter between Zionism and Rural Atlas Jews," Yaron Tsur.

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