Ilat: Ha-Kinus Ha-Artsi Ha-Shemonah-Asar Le-Yedi'at Ha-Arets/ Elath: The Eighteenth Archaeological Convention October 1962.

Jerusalem: The Israel Exploration Society, 1963. First Edition. Hardbound. Octavo in dust jacket, 310 pp., b/w drawings, maps, photos, tables. Very Good. Item #21006

Text is in Hebrew. Articles are "'From the Way of the Wilderness, Elath and Ezion-Geber' the 18th Archaeological Convention," J. Aviram, "The Vision of Elath," D. Ben-Gurion, "Elath and Ezion-Geber," N. Gleuck, "The Seal of Jotham from Elath," N. Avigad, "Judah Returns to Elath (Amaziah-Uzziah-Ahaz)," S. Yeivin, "The Tarshish Ships, Ezion-Geber and the ophir Sailings," J. Braslavy, "Elath and the Negev Roads in the Biblical Period," Y. Aharoni, "Elath as the Gate to the Indian Ocean," M. Avi-Yonah, "The 'Limes Palestinae' in the Time of Diocletianus," M. Gihon, "The Fortress of Kadesh-Barnea," M. Dothan, "Chapters in the History of 'Avdat," A. Negev, "The Nabatene, The Provinicia Arabia, Petra and 'Engeddi in the View of Nahal Hever Documents," Y. Yadin, "Sinai and the Red Sea in Crusader Policy," Y. Prawer, "The Jewish Settlements in the Gulf of the Elath Region in the Middle Ages," H.Z. Hirschberg, "The Gulf of Elath Crisis of 1906," U. heyd, "ThePolitical Struggle for Elath," E. Elath, "Notes on the Geological History of the Elath Region," J.K. ben-Tor, "The Morphology of the Elath Mountains," I. Schattner, "The Geographical Conditions of Elath as Factors in its Development," Y. Karmon, "The Climate of Elath," D. Ashbel, "Development Cities in the Negev Desert," D. Amiran & A. Shahar, "The Extent of Ancient Agriculture in the Negev Mountains and its Limitations," Y. Kedar, "The Revival in Desert and Wilderness," J. Weitz, "From the Activities of the Department for the Improvement of Landscape," J. Jannay, "Weizmann Archive: Aqaba and the Gulf of Aqaba (1917-1947)."

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