Haggadah: The Passover Story.

New York: Assouline Publishing, 2001. Softbound. Octavo paper covers, 220 pp., color illustrations throughout with a three page spread showing thumbnail black and white version of all of the illustrations, b/w drawings throughout, black and white devices with colored areas. As New. Item #50695
ISBN: 2843232538

This "edition of the Haggadah with commentary by Marc-Alain Ouaknin, illustrated by Gérard Garouste. The text is the traditional text with a wider variety of songs than is usually found in one Haggadah. Ouaknin's commentary is of a mystical bent. Ouaknin's commentary which is in English and the Hebrew text are printed in black ink. Translation from the French by Jeffrey Green. The English translation of the Haggadah text is printed in red ink. The English language instructions are printed in two different tones of grey.
At the rear Gérard Garouste explains the origins of this book and offers thanks to the many people who were involved in the creation of the book. The most interesting portion of these remarks is as follows, "The idea of writing a commentary on the Haggadah has fascinated me, one might say, since I was a boy. I have marvelous memories of beinga child at the immense table where many guests are assembled, in particular my great-uncle Fernand Ehrlich and his wife Reine, in the place of the elders. I see my father, then and now, trying to present commentaries of Dr. Robert Nerson's Haggadah. The present Haggadah is to some degree a homage to Nerson's Haggadah, which is connected to so many wonderful memories of this holiday and of spring, when one feels the world in its freshness and new beginnings. Since then my father has written his own Haggadah in his book, 'From Generation to Generation.' Nevertheless, every year he takes up Nerson's Haggadah again, almost like a ritual.
When I began to write a commentary on the Haggadah, I did not hesitate for a moment regarding the choice of the text and the commentaries which would provide the primary reference point for me: the Haggadah of Dr. Nerson. Thus the reader should not be surprised to find in these thoughts traces both of the spirit of the traditional commentaries of Nerson's commentaries (which itself followed in the footsteps of the Haggadot of Edmond Fleg and Joseph Bloch), and also the main lines of the teachings of my father, Rabbi Jacques Ouaknin, as well as the pedagogical enthusiasm of my mother, Eliane-Sophie Ouaknin.'.

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