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Studies in Mysticism and Religion presented to Gershom G. Scholem on his Seventieth Birthday by His Pupils Colleagues and Friend
by Urbach, E.E., et al., edited by.

Publisher Information:
At the Magnes Press, The Hebrew University Jerusalem 1967

Octavo, tan cloth with brown lettering, tipped-in frontispiece portrait, viii, 388 pp. [English, French and German Language section] + 236 pp. [Hebrew Language section, multilingual bibliography of Scholem's writings, gift inscription on the free front paper

English, French and German language articles are "'The Ladder of Ascension,'" A. Altmann, "Parapsychologie und Anthroposie. Rudolf Steiners Kritik der Parapsychologie," S. H. Bergman, "The Egyptian Goddess Neith," C.J. Bleeker, "The Death of James the Just: A New Interpretation," S.G.F. Brandon, "La theme de la resurrection chez Molla Sadra Shirazi (1050/1640) commentateur de Sohrawardi (587/1190)," H. Corbin, "The Consciousness of Guilt and the Practice of Confession in Japanese Buddhism," H. Dumoulin, "'Briser le toit de la maison': Symbolisme architechtonique et physiologie subtile," M. Eliade, "Der Mythos des Glaubens," K. Kerenyi, "Three Types of Pilgrimage in Japan," J.M. Kitagawa, "Das Religiöse bei Kafka," W. Kraft, "'Israel, My Firstborn' and the Sonship of Jesus: A Theme of Moslem Anti-Christian Polemics," S. Pines, "Sein und Gestalt," G. Quispel, "Schelling's Dynamic Principle," N. Rotenstreich, "Contemplative Prayer in Hasidism," R. Schatz, "Some Notes on Ahreman, the Evil Spirit, and his Creation," S. Shaked, "'Agur, Fils D'Jake' Hugo von Hofmannsthals jüdisches Legende," E. Simon, "The Reason for the Persecution of Paul and the Obscurity of Acts," M. Smith, "Notes on Maimonides' Book of Knowledge," L. Strauss, "La demonstration de l'unite divine d'apres Yusuf al-Basir," G. Vadja, "Some Observations on Recent Studies of Zen," R.J. Zwi Werblowsky, "Primordial Man and Prostitute: A Zervanite Motif in Sassanid Avesta, " G. Widengren, "Giovanni Pico's Companion to Kabbalistic Symbolism," Ch. Wirszubski, "The Hatrirani in the Kalam and Ghazali as Inner Motive Powers of Human Actions," H.A. Wolfson, "'Standing on the Peak': A Concept Common to the Bhahavad-Gita and the Victorines," R.C. Zaehner. Hebrew language articles are, "The Traditions about Merkabah Mysticism in the Tannaitic Period," E.E. Urbach, "An Unusual Excommunication Formula from Frankfurt," S. Baron, "Sabbatean Testimonies in the Notebooks of Benjamin ha-Cohen and Abraham Rovigo, "On the Doctrine of Providence in Sefer Hasidim," I.F. Baer, "The Kabbalistic Treatise Ginnath Bithan - A Forgery," E. Gottlieb, "The Vicissitudes of the Esoterism of the German Hasidim," Y. Dan, "R. Nahman of Bratslav on the Controversy Concerning Himself," J.G. Weiss, "Contributions toward a Biography of R. Moses Sofer," Y. Katz, "Illuminations of the Soul and Vision of the Idea in Plato," J.G. Liebes, "Notes on Chapter I of Midrash Kohelth Rabbah," S. Lieberman "A Problem in the Theory of Forms and Four Neo-Platonic Solutions," S. Sambursky, "Chapters from 'Hadom we-Kisse' ('Footstool and Throne')" S.Y. Agnon, "Bibliography of the Published Writings of Gershom G. Scholem," F. Scholem in collaboration with B. Taron.

Language: English Language
Edition: First Edition
Binding: Hardbound
Condition: Very Good
Book Id: 16183

Price: $72.50

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