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Sefer Haim Shirman: Kovetz Mekharim/ Hayyim (Jefim) Schirmann Jubilee Volume.
by Abramson, Shraga & Mirsky, Aaron, edited by.

Publisher Information:
Schocken Institute for Jewish Research of the JTSA Jerusalem 1970

Octavo, light tan cloth with brown lettering, 430 pp.,. bibliography, notes and corrections, ink-stamps, wear to the rear pastedown endpaper

Text is in Hebrew. Articles are "A letter of Rabbi Judah ha-Levi to Rabbi Moses Ibn Ezra," S. Abramson, "A Commentary on the Silluq of Eliezer Kalir for the Thora-portion Shekalim 'Then didst Thou see and count,'" E.E. Urbach, "Notes on Changes in Accent in Early Hebrew," J. Blau, "Studies in Palestinian Aramaic and Samaritan Poetry," Z. Ben-Hayyim, "The Struggle between the Synagogue and the Community," S.D. Goitein, "Ten Poems of Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra, "A.M. Habermann, "The Blessing 'Who Rebuilds Jerusalem' and its Metamorphoses," J. Heinemann, "Gleanings from an Unknown Book of Musar by a French Rabbi," G. Vadja, "The Poet Rahamim Qal'ai, his Circle and Environments - According to Schocken MS37," M. Wallenstein, "The Relationship between the Book 'Pnei Tevel' and the Tradition of the Maq'amah in our Literature," S. Werses, "Internal Parallels in the Book of Isaiah and the Book of Jeremiah," M. Seidel, "Catalan-Provencal Wedding Songs (14th-15th Century)," M. Lazar, "Rabbinical Exposition in English Biblical Poetry," A. Mirsky, "Some Poems of Rabbi Benjamin bar Samuel in a Latin Translation," Ch. Merchavia, "New Poems of Rabbi Solomon Ibn Gabirol and Rabbi Isaac Ibn Ghayyat," J. Marcus, "Birkat Pit'om (on the Ways of the Construct-form)," D. Sadan, "A Collection of Hebrew Poems from Provence," D. Pagis, "The Poet Rabbi Isaac bar Levi and His Poems," E. Fleisher, "The Family Cota of Toledo (A Family of Marrano Poets)," F. Cantera, "The Qerobah of Yannai for the Portion Vayyislah from the Genizah," Z.M. Rabinowitz, "Profiler of Ephraim Luzatto," C. Roth, "The Sources of Adages in Sefer Sa Su'im," Y. Ratzaby, "New Sources from the Kauffman Collection," A Scheiber, "Bibliography of the Writings of Professor H. Schirmann," D. Pagis and E. Fleisher

Language: Hebrew Language
Binding: Hardbound
Condition: Good
Book Id: 14914

Price: $20.00

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