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Talpiyot: rivon le-inyane halakhah, agadah, u-musar ha-Yahadut Kerakh Het, Hoveret Gimel-Daled.Talpioth: A Quarterly. Dedicated
by Mirsky, Samuel K., edited by.

Publisher Information:
Talpioth - Yeshiva Univerity New York 1963

Octavo, blue cloth with gold lettering, 239-654 pp.

In Hebrew. Articles are "My Father-in-law," Abraham N. Zuroff, "Dating the Year of the Flood," Samule Belkin, "Shiboley Haleket by R. Zidkiah ben R. Abraham Harofe (from a MS.)," Samuel M. Mirsky, "The Laws of Trefah of the Inhabitants of Eretz Israel (from Ms. of Genizah)," Mordecai Margolioth, "Gardonei Peninim (from Ancient Yemenite Ms.)," Yosef Kapah, "Explication of the Diwan of Rabbi Samuel Hanagid," Dov Yarden, "Commentary of R. Isaiah de Troni on Tractate Makoth )from Ms.)," Aharon Chitrick, "Laws of Semahot in Shiboley Halekot and in Tanya Rabbati," J.J. Dushinsky, "Comments of R. Isaac Stein on the SeMaG (from Ms.)," Samuel K. Mirsky, "The Martyrs of Krakow," Avraham Yaari, "Controversy over Piyutim and Kinot in Prayers," Abraham I. Katsch, "A Study of the Meaning of Rehav in the Bible," Yehuda Devir, "Elegaic Poetry in the Bible (Psalms 49)," Meir Hillel Ben-Shamai, "Aramiac Translations of the Pentateuch and the Problem of Anthropomorphism," Menechem M. Brayer, "Dina de malkhuta Dina," Shabtai Ben-Dov, "Development of One Custom Under the Influence of Time and Place," Meir Havazelet, "Life of R. Yitzhak of Kamarna," H.Y. Berle, "Yom Hakippurim which Falls on Shabbat," A.Y. Neimark, "R. Abraham Jacob Neimark," Nissan Waxman, "'Heker Davar,'" Chaim Meir Crystal, "Two Letters from Rabbi Jacob Joseph Charif the Rav Hakolel of New York," Chaim Reuven Rabinowitz, "The Confusion Caused by Attempting to Integrate All Knowledge," Alexander Broyde, "Memoirs," Nina Adlerbloom, discussion and book reviews and glosses.

Language: Hebrew Language
Binding: Hardbound
Condition: Very Good
Book Id: 12844

Price: $25.00

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